Light Duty

The Bach Towing light-duty fleet features state-of-the-art equipment to efficiently tow and recover all types of passenger and light commercial vehicles. Our fleet includes conventional tow trucks, auto-loaders and a flatbed to safely tow everything from the family SUV to exotic, luxury vehicles.

Pop-up dollies are an example of our specialty equipment. When high-end cars with sophisticated computer systems won’t start, the vehicle’s wheels lock, which creates problems in loading/transporting the vehicle. Less-equipped tow operators would be forced to “drag” the vehicle onto a carrier deck. Our pop-up dollies attach to the vehicle’s tires and lift the tires off the roadway. The vehicle is then towed on the dolly’s tires, ensuring a smooth tow with no tire contact with the road surface.

We offer 24/7 service using efficient GPS dispatching. When you call, you reach a professional dispatcher (no answering machines) who will get the right truck to you in the fastest time possible — local and long distance.

Bach Towing’s road service trucks are equipped for fuel deliveries, vehicle lockouts, jump-starts, tire changes and other roadside situations. We also provide recovery services for winch-outs, overturned vehicles, stuck vehicles and more.

Our tow operators are professionally trained by nationally-recognized industry education programs such as WreckMaster.
Bach Towing’s customers include law enforcement agencies, motor clubs and private customers.